A Feasibility Study of Prepubertal and Over Mature Aged Local Goat in Relation to Results of In Vitro Growth Culture to Obtain Additional M-II Oocyte Resources

Gatot Ciptadi 1,a) , M. Nur Ihsan 1) , Sri Rahayu 2) , D. H. K. Widjaja 3) and
Mudawamah Mudawamah 4)

1. Faculty of Animal Husbandry, University of Brawijaya, Veteran Street, Malang, East Java, Indonesia 65145
2. Department of Biology, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, University of Brawijaya, Veteran Street, Malang, East Java, Indonesia 65145
3. Faculty of Animal Husbandry, Kanjuruhan University, Malang
4. Faculty of Animal Husbandry, Islamic University of Malang, Malang
a) Corresponding author: ciptadi@ub.ac.id


Abstract. The aims of this research are to study the potential source of mature (M-II) oocytes of domestic animals using follicles isolated from prepubertal and over mature aged Indonesian local goats, resulting from an in vitro growth (IVG) method. This method of IVG could provide a new source of M-II oocytes for embryo production. In Indonesia, a very limited number of a good quality oocytes are available for research purposes, as there is a limited number of reproductive females slaughtered, which is dominated by prepubertal and old mature aged animals. IVG culture systems could be improved as an alternative method to provide a new source of a good quality oocytes for in vitro maturation of M-II oocytes. From a number of prepubertal and mature aged goats slaughtered in a local abattoir, the small oocytes in the preantral follicles were cultured in vitro to normal oocyte growth. The methods used in this research are experimental. Follicles were isolated, cultured in vitro for 14 days individually using a sticky medium containing 4% (w/v) polyvinylpyrrolidone in TCM 199 10% Fetal Bovine Serum supplemented with Follicle Stimulating Hormone, which was then evaluated for their follicle development and oocyte quality. The research results showed that a minimum follicle size and oocyte diameter is needed (>100 um) for early evaluation of maturation to be achieved, meanwhile oocytes
recovered from IVG after being cultured in vitro for maturation resulted in a very low rate of maturation. However, in the future, IVG of the preantral follicles of Indonesian local goat could be considered as an alternative source of oocytes for both research purposes and embryo production in vitro.

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