Genetic Variation of Local Ettawah Crossbreed Goats in Two Different Breedings

Mudawamah 1 , I.Dinasari Ratnaningtyas 1 . M. Zainul Fadli 2 , Aulanni’am 3 and G. Ciptadi 4
1 Faculty of Animal Husbandry, University of Islam Malang, Indonesia
2 Faculty of Medicine, Islamic University of Malang, Indonesia
2 Faculty of MIPA-Chemistry, Brawijaya University, Indonesia
3 Faculty of Animal Husbandry, Brawijaya University of Malang, Indonesia
1 Corresponding author :


Goat breeding systems in Indonesia have two models with farmer-owned bucks or
government selected bucks in the form of frozen semen. An interesting problem was how the genetic variation of the different goat populations. The purpose of this study was to determine the profile of genetic variation through DNA fragments that appear in gel electrophoresis. Blood samples from each group collected through field studies, followed by analysis of DNA with RAPD. The Primers used in this analysis contained various series primer OPP (OPP series not more 10 and OPP series more 10), and the amplification primers were a recommendation. Each fragment appears from the results of amplification were given a score of 1 and a score of 0 for no fragment appear. Data were analyzed by unpaired t-test using SPSS software V.23. The results showed that the fragments varied from 200 bp to 3000 bp. The DNA fragments used primer OPP which series numbers not more than 10 which significant differences (P <0.05) between two different the goat breeding. There was no difference (P> 0.05) the number of fragments that emerged from the RAPD with OPP which the serial number less than 10 and a combined OPP. The conclusion of this study was the genetic variation of PE population with farmer-owned buck breeding was higher than the government selected buck breeding under RAPD analysis used OPP primer series not more than 10.

Keywords: Local Ettawah Goat, RAPD, OPP