The Karyotiping of Indonesian Local Cattle and Buffalo for Genetic Quality Standarization by Detection of Chromosome Abberration

G. Ciptadi 1 , M. Nur Ihsan 1 , A. Nurgiartiningsih 1 and Mudawamah 2
1 Faculty of Animal Husbandry Brawijaya University, 2 Faculty of Animal Husbandry, Unisma, Malang, Indonesia
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Chromosomal analysis of breeding bull should be performed, because of the importantce of chromosome abnormalities and their negative effect on production and reproduction performance. Chromosomal abnormalities are usually considered to be a plague and are to eliminate. Chromosomal abberation of candidate bull can be identified and culled from breeding program. It is neccessary that bull for straw production for Artificial Insemination (AI) purpose must be screened out for any possible chromosomal abnormality. The cytogenetic control is an important selective measure choice of genetically health breeding bulls.The chromosome analysis to be important to execute. Method performed by collecting blood samples from 3 local cattle breedsand 3 swamp buffalo with diferent phenotypic character of skin colors. Sample of 0.5 ml of blood/animal was added to 5 ml chromosomal medium (Karyo Max, Gibco), placed in incubator at 38 o C. After 70 hours, culture tube were added to 1 ml colchicines kept for 2-3 hours, then were centrifuge at 1000 RPM for 10 minute and supernatant was discarded, pellet cells added then by fixative solution. Slides were prepared by stained with Giemsa for 10 minute, were examined under high power phase-contrast microscope. Chromosomal analysis was performed with help of cytovision software image analysis.Results showed that the 2 N diploid number of chromosome of all three local cattle breed was considered normal was 60, there were 58 autosome and 2 sex chromosome in all breeds cattle observed. Meanhile, buffalo observed for diploid number chromosome 2N= 48, considered as normal swamp buffalo. It was observed that both cattle and buffalo tested were normal categories. The karyotype of all animals showed that the chromosomes of one cell and different individual each breed varied in size, shape and position of centromere. However, it was recommended to performed chromosomal investigation of breeding bulls and others Indonesian local breed using advanced sophisticated tools of image analysis technique especially for semen production and AI application.

Key Words: Local cattle, Buffalo, Karyotiping, Chromosome, Abnormalities