Fadli M.Z 1 , Mudawamah Mudawamah 2 and Oktavia R.P. 2
1 Depart. of Medical, University of Islam Malang
2 Depart. of Animal Husbandry, University of Islam Malang
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The study aimed to observe the response of Angora doe rabbits treated with gonadotrophin, intramuscular based on litter size and birth weight of kits. The samples used ten does that had given birth once and three bucks, which had been sexually mature and were able to perform their reproductive functions. This study used an experimental method by administering gonadotrophin hormones in the form of PMSG and HCG. Data analyzed by unpaired t-test with Excel. The observed variables were litter size and birth weight, with five replications. The observations showed that the administration of PMSG and HCG had a very significant effect (P <0.01) on litter size and birth weight. The average litter size of rabbits treated with PMSG and HCG hormones was 61.53% higher than the litter size of controls followed by low variation in treatment than controls (1.30 vs. 1.80). Exogenous PMSG and HCG hormones decreased birth weight by 14.48% compared to controls with more diverse variance compared to controls (19.27
vs. 3.06). The conclusion of this study was the administration of PMSG and HCG hormones to rabbits reduce variation (increase uniformity) followed by an increase in the average productivity of livestock in the litter size at birth, followed by birth weight of kits who fulfill minimum standards.
Keywords: Superovulation, litter size, birth weight, rabbit.