Estimation of Repeatabilityand the Most Probable Producing Ability (MPPA) Based on Birth Weight and Weaning Weight for Ranking of Sapudi Sheep

A.A. Mirella, Mudawamah*, and Sumartono
Fakultas Peternakan Universitas Islam Malang
*Corresponding Author :


This study was conducted to estimate the repeatability and MPPA values of Sapudi ewe based on birth weight and weaning weight. Samples used 93 Sapudi lambs from 26 ewes that lambed three times, and the observed variables were lambing weight and weaning weight. Collected data were analyzed quantitatively. Estimating repeatability by analyzing the variance of the relationship between sibling and parental rank was based on the
relative MPPA formula.. The results showed that the average lambing and weaning weights were 2.789±0.206 kg and 10.058±1.470 kg. The repeatability of lambing and weaning weight were 0.108±0.119, and 0.565±0.104 belonged to the low and high categories. The average MPPA of lambing and weaning weight were 0.001 and
0.087. MPPA values of lambing and weaning weight range from -0.087 to 0.075 and -1.721 to 2.713. The highest ranking of the Sapudi ewe in lambing and weaning weight is ear tag 103 and ear tag 27 with MPPA 0.075 and 2.713. It can be concluded that there were 11 ewes with MPPA lambing and weaning weight above the average MPPA population that should be maintained in the population.

Key words: Ewe, genetic parameter, quantitative traits