Profil Stres pada Induk Kambing Peranakan Ettawah (PE) Pasca Melahirkan

Stress Profile of Peranakan Ettawah (PE) Goat in Post Parturition

S. Ali, Mudawamah, dan Sumartono
Program Studi Peternakan, Program Magister Pascasarjana, Universitas Islam Malang
Jl. MT Haryono no. 193, Malang 65144
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This study investigated the stress profile of Indonesian Local Ettawah Goat (ILEG) does with twin dan single kidding post parturition based on physiological conditions (rectal temperature, pulse dan respiration) as well as the blood components including leukocytes, neutrophils dan lymphocytes. The method was an experimental method with samples from 22 does of aged 2-3 years. Examined data were the profile stress included rectal temperature, pulse dan respiration dan blood collection in post-kidding does with a vulnerable time of 1-4 hours. Blood component analysis were leukocytes, neutrophils dan lymphocytes used Nihon Kohden Celltac a MEK blood test equipment with Isotonic 3 reagent dan using the Electronic Impedance (Focused flow Impedance)
method. Data analysis used unpaired t-test with the SPSS 16.0 software. The results showed the stress profile of does with single kidding post parturition was significantly different (P < 0.01) than does of twin kidding.The highest-profile stress was twin kidding does with the rectal temperature reaching 43,17C, pulse 97,27 times/minute dan respiration 64.1 times/minute, leukocytes 37,858 cells μL, dan the differentiation of neutrophils dan lymphocytes 5.4%. This study concluded that the stress profile dan blood component of does with single kidding were lower than twin kidding does. Further research about antistress herbal supplement relations with the stress profile between single kidding dan twin kidding does.
Key words: rectal temperature, pulse, respiration, leukocytes